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jump Science Motivation Questionnaire II -(SMQ II) ┬ęShawn M. Glynn reviews
jump Science Opinion Survey (SOS) reviews
jump Science Process Skills Inventory (SPSI) reviews
jump Scientific Attitude Inventory: A Revision (SAI II) reviews
jump Self Efficacy and Metacognition Learning Inventory- Science (SEMLI-S) reviews
jump Self-Concept and Competence Scale in Physics reviews
jump Short Version Attitudes toward Mathematics Inventory (SHORT ATMI) reviews
jump Students Leaving Engineering Survey reviews
jump Students Persisting in Engineering Survey reviews
jump Survey of Attitudes Towards Astronomy reviews
jump Test of Mathematics Related Attitudes (TOMRA) reviews
jump Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA) reviews
jump Thinking about Science Survey Instrument (TSSI) reviews
jump Views about Science Survey (VASS) reviews
jump Views of Nature of Science Questionnaire (VNOS-D) reviews
jump Views of Scientific Inquiry, Primary School Version (VOSI-P) reviews
jump Views on Science and Education (VOSE) reviews
jump Views on Science-Technology-Society (VOSTS) reviews
jump Wareing Attitudes toward Science Protocol (WASP) reviews
jump Youth Engagement, Attitudes and Knowledge Survey (4-H) reviews

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