Pre-College Middle School Survey for Engineering

Using the pre-college suite of surveys you can determine whether specific activities met your objectives and use this information to improve activities and make evaluation decisions. Specifically, the instruments assess the following topics: Course-taking plans for high school, whether participant intends to study science, engineering, or computer, what participant knows about what engineers, scientists, or computer scientists do, what factors (if any) about being an engineer, scientist, or computer scientist appeal to participant, events or persons that influenced participants' study plans, participant skill and confidence level in areas that are important for successfully completing a science, engineering, or computer degree, where participants plan to study science, engineering, or computer science/engineering, her/his satisfaction with the quality of the activity in which she/he has participated.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Front Range STEM Specialist, Colorado State University, 4

My initial concern with these surveys is their length, particularly for middle school students. I feel participants will tire of the questions before completing the survey and either not complete the survey or not complete the survey to the best of their ability. These surveys are particularly copious and highly detailed. Parts of this survey could be conducted independently and be sufficient in gathering specific information and identifying gaps. The tool is very clear and concise. I believe the application to informal STEM is apparent in the utilization of questions about various delivery mechanism and various venues where youth learn about science.