Pre-College Middle School Survey for Engineering

Using the pre-college suite of surveys you can determine whether specific activities met your objectives and use this information to improve activities and make evaluation decisions. Specifically, the instruments assess the following topics: Course-taking plans for high school, whether participant intends to study science, engineering, or computer, what participant knows about what engineers, scientists, or computer scientists do, what factors (if any) about being an engineer, scientist, or computer scientist appeal to participant, events or persons that influenced participants' study plans, participant skill and confidence level in areas that are important for successfully completing a science, engineering, or computer degree, where participants plan to study science, engineering, or computer science/engineering, her/his satisfaction with the quality of the activity in which she/he has participated.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

Supplemental Information:


Assessment Type:

Likert scale


3 or 4-point Likert scale

Publication Date:

Aug 04, 2008


Middle school students

Domain(s) Evaluated:

Competence, Career Knowledge / Acquisition

Sample items:

My goals for participating in this activity were to: (check all that apply)
A. Have fun.
B. Learn more about [name of offering college or organization].
C. Learn about what computer scientists and computer engineers do.
D. Meet other kids with interests similar to mine.
E. Not sure.
F. Have something to do.
G. Learn more about different majors in college.
H. Make my parents / guardians happy.
I. Prepare me to do well in school.
J. Other: ___________________.







Administration time:

15 minutes

Requires a Computer:


Requires Internet Access:


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There are three surveys: Pre-Activity, Immediate Post-Activity, and 3-6 Month Post-Activity surveys. Use the Pre-Participation survey and the Immediate Post-Participation surveys together so that you have baseline data to determine the impact of your event on the participants. To determine whether the event has a lasting impact, use the Follow-Up Participation survey three to six months after the event as well.In these ways, you can measure the impact of pre-college activities (such as camps, workshops, recruiting days, open houses) with objectives to: Recruit participants into science, engineering, or computer studies, promote/support skills development, encourage science, engineering, or computer preparatory pre-college course work, promote awareness of science, engineering, or computer careers.

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