Children's Environmental Attitudes & Social Knowledge Scale (CHEAKS)

Measures children's global attitudes and knowledge about environmental issues, such as animals, energy, pollution, recycling, water, and general issues.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by Virginia Nelson, ELL teacher, Chas. F. Tigard Elementary School, 4

The multiple choice items which I was able to view have several merits. First they do not have contrived contexts. They simply ask for science information. Second, there are many sentence completion items, which English learners say they find more accessible than questions. In addition, the item writers do not resort to passive voice as often as I usually see it. On the other hand, four distractors might be more than necessary to gather information. With a key and two or three distractors the tool would not place as much reading burden on students who find the language complicated, i.e., English learners. Also, part of the instrument includes a Likert section, which requires preparation and practice if it is to give accurate information.