Children's Environmental Attitudes & Social Knowledge Scale (CHEAKS)

Measures children's global attitudes and knowledge about environmental issues, such as animals, energy, pollution, recycling, water, and general issues.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by anonymous, Service Manager, , 3

For the most part, the format of the scale is user friendly and the breakdown of questions into "knowledge, verbal committment and actual committment are useful in seeing the connections and discrepancies between what students know, say they would do, and actually do. In terms of possible pitfalls: -The five scale multiple choice format can be difficult for students. The differenece between "mostly" and "very" is ambiguous and adds unnecessary confusion. -Some questions do not allow for context to be taken into account. For example, a student answering a question about whether or not they would be willing to take the bus may be based on access rather then will. -Placing the knowledge questions at the end of a long survey may result in skewed data because of stamina. It may make sense to place these first since they requires the heaviest concentration. -Limiting the domain to "parents" in many of the questions may lead to misleading results about students actual committment, especially in cases where a parent isnt present or they have completed the act with someone else.