Self Efficacy and Metacognition Learning Inventory- Science (SEMLI-S)

The tool assesses students' metacognition, self-efficacy and constructivist science learning processes.

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by anonymous, researcher, , 4

This tool seems appropriate to STEM research because self-efficacy is a major factor in success. I am less familiar with meta-cognition but certainly can see why knowing how you were learning (and not) could be useful in STEM success. As far as the tool itself goes, I found that sometimes it felt as though the question had started in a non-English language and then been translated to English, so that the question made sense but did not sound as natural as it might . For example, AW4 just doesn't sound like how we talk about things. i do think this seems like a quick and useful way to assess self-efficacy, though the specificity seems inconsistent as sometimes it is "this science class" which tests in a very specific environment and sometimes it's just "science class" which applies to a much broader spectrum of potential classes. One nice thing I see here is that you could take just the sub-scale you wanted and administer a super quick and easy useful mini-measure, and that's aways a nice option to have.