Asian Student Attitudes Towards Science Class Survey

This instrument is for measuring the attitudes toward science class of fourth- and fifth-grade students in an Asian school culture. Specifically, the development focused on three science attitude constructs: science enjoyment, science confidence, and importance of science as related to science class experiences.

Average Review: 2 (2.0)

by anonymous, teacher, Charles F. Tigard Elementary School, 2

Specific to Asian students in Asian schools, this instrument might have limited use in the US. For example, would scores from a student who is 50% Mexican, 25% Caucasian, and 25% Chinese have the same reliability and validity? It might be interesting to see a study applying this scale to different ethnic and racial groups, and comparing the results and psychometric properties of the tool. The fact that the study was conducted in Taiwan, but the scale is generalized for all Asian students, is also of particular interest.