Abbreviated Version of the Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (A-MARS)

This is an abbreviated (25-item version) of the original Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (MARS) instrument developed by Richardson and Suinn (for reference- see comments).The purpose of the study was to develop abbreviated version of MARS, and to find whether certain specific backgrounds (gender, socio-economic status) and academic variables can predict math anxiety.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by Mari Federow, Researchers, Reed College, 3

1.) Tool is appropriate for mathematics as it focuses on them exclusively - though only one question is clearly outside the academic realm so it seems like a narrow math anxiety measure -- in school, vs a broad one -- in life. 2.) Some of the "picking up" questions seem to not flow naturally, I do not think this is how student considers it. "picking up the textbook" is more like "starting" as there is an assumption one would pick up the textbook, which is not always the case with starting math homework. I would perhaps have a general question like "starting a math reading assignment" to get at the same idea more precisely. Unless you're attempting to get at anxiety at beginning various kinds of assignments and in that case I would address that using more direct language. 3.) I would say the measure looks easy to administer, from administering similar. It is interesting that the text is used rather the numbers. I would consider using "check one box" instead of choose one box to avoid ambiguous response. (Sometimes checkboxes elicit confusion).