Survey of Attitudes Towards Astronomy

This instrument includes a pre-test and post-test on students attitudes towards astronomy. Four factors, including affect, cognitive competence, perceived value, and perceived difficulty of astronomy are assessed.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Doctoral Student, Seattle University, 5

The attitudes on astronomy survey is important on to implement! Astronomy has become a lost frontier in the eyes of the nation, educators, and the press. This is highly in part, and understandably so, predicated on the current state of our space program and all-but-defunct NASA. Where many of us 'Trekkies' who grew up on Star Trek were captivated by the concept of final frontier, today we care less. Aggregating enough responses from this survey is added fodder we need to build the case for a renewed emphasis on astronomy education and scientific learning; STEM a primary beneficiary.