Chemistry Attitude and Experience Questionnaire (CAEQ)

Chemistry Attitudes and Experiences Questionnaire (CAEQ) measures first-year university chemistry students' attitude toward chemistry, chemistry self-efficacy, and learning experiences. The instrument was developed as part of a larger study and sought to fulfill a need for an instrument to investigate factors that influence student enrollment choice. We set out to design the instrument in a manner that would maximize construct validity. The CAEQ was piloted with a cohort of science and technology students at the end of their first year.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by Julio Reyes, , , 4

I would definitely use this tool. It is easy to understand and assesses various beliefs and attitudes about chemistry and related subjects. Although, I do feel that some of the questions could be answered inaccurately due to a person's personal feelings about themselves rather than about Chemistry, that seems like something that could easily be fixed.