Children's Environmental Attitudes & Social Knowledge Scale (CHEAKS)

Measures children's global attitudes and knowledge about environmental issues, such as animals, energy, pollution, recycling, water, and general issues.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by anonymous, CREEC Coordinator, CREEC Network, 3

I found this survey a bit problematic in that the wording was a confusing. Some questions use the wording "I would be willing" and others use "I would not be willing." I would recommend using the same wording throughout as some people won't catch on to the difference. Also, it is more conducive to have all the questions phrased in a positive tone rather than a contrary tone. Many of these commitment and affective questions also are conducive to scarcastic responses. Instead of elliciting an environmental stewardship response, it is easy for the opposite response to be made. The knowledge questions were more straight forward and easier to respond to. What grade level is this written for? I would guess middle grades?