Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST)

The Draw-a-Scientist Test is an open-ended projective test that assesses children's conceptual images of scientists. The DAST is evaluated using a 7-point scale based on the presence of the following components in drawing: lab coat, eyeglasses, facial growth of hair, symbols of research, symbols of knowledge, technology & relevant captions.

Average Review: 2 (2.9)

by anonymous, Assistant Director, Bedford Recreation Kids' Club, 4

This is a very good tool to start off the school year and to start off discussions about the world of science. I thought the data was somewhat revealing, but there is a potential of it being misleading. Because there were no specific directions, I feel children naturally drew the stereotype (even children who had parents as scientists). When discussing scientists after the assessment, most children had a good understanding that scientists are normal people. That said, it does mean something that such a strong stereotype exists and that less than 10% drew pictures of women.