Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST)

The Draw-a-Scientist Test is an open-ended projective test that assesses children's conceptual images of scientists. The DAST is evaluated using a 7-point scale based on the presence of the following components in drawing: lab coat, eyeglasses, facial growth of hair, symbols of research, symbols of knowledge, technology & relevant captions.

Average Review: 2 (2.9)

by Katherine Heck, Specialist, UC Davis, 3

One issue I've wondered about with respect to the DAST is whether it is measuring perceptions of scientists, or rather measuring media portrayals of scientists. The perception of what scientists look like must largely come from the media depictions of "mad scientists" with test tubes, images of Einstein, etc. I would be interested to know whether their drawings are an accurate reflection of what kids think of scientists, or more just their imitations of the images they see in the media.