Modified Attitudes towards Science Inventory (mATSI)

Measures students' attitudes towards science related to such factors as students' perceptions of the science teacher, anxiety toward science, value of science in society, self-concept toward science and desire to do science.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by Lynn Edmonds, student, Wesleyan University, 4

This tool is 25 items long and easy to administer. The questions are straightforward but specific and could be applicable from ages 8-12 and perhaps even later. The test is effective in that it separates attitude toward science into subscales: Perception of the Science Teacher, Anxiety toward Science, Value of Science in Society, Self-concept of Science, Desire to do science. This level of analysis can be useful to programs that are looking to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their science program and who are interested in administering pre/post tests. the preliminary questions may be skipped/may impact students as they probe students class, race, and immigrant status. Therefore, this tool may be applicable for teachers who are trying to see the impact of students background on their attitude toward science. However, without the preliminary questions, it can serve on its own.