Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ)

The 30-item Science Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ) assesses six components of students' motivation to learn science in college or high school courses. The SMQ assesses six components of motivation: intrinsically motivated science learning, extrinsically motivated science learning, relevance of learning science to personal goals, responsibility (self-determination) for learning science, confidence (self-efficacy) in learning science, & anxiety about science assessment.

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by Mike W., Mike William, , 5

I use the Science Motivation Questionnaire II (newest version, 25 items) to find out how motivated (or unmotivated, in some cases) my students are to learn science. I use it pre and post in large classes. The SMQ-II is quick, easy to adapt to different science fields, and my students are comfortable taking it. I found info and articles about the newest version at