Is Science Me?

This instrument was developed for a study looking at an ethnically and economically diverse sample of 33 high school students to explore why some who were once very interested in science, engineering, or medicine (SEM) majors or careers decided to leave the pipeline in high school while others persisted.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by anonymous, , HGSE, 3

I think that this tool is clear and easy to understand, but I think that it is too long. I would be concerned that students might not complete the survey, or due to its length might not provide accurate responses. I think that the survey could be improved by changing the layout. I think it would be easier to navigate if the whole survey was white, and the grey color was omitted. Personally, I think the grey color is hard on the eyes. I also think that students might not read the introduction and purpose of the study outlined by the Caltech research team. Perhaps there is some way to shorten that letter, or add bulletpoints?