Epistemological Views Toward Science

Average Review: 3 (3.5)

by Garo David Papazian, Student, ITT Tech, 3

I can see how this could be a useful tool, but it does seem a little vague. Unless of coarse it was the intention to have a greater applicability, but the authors created and applied the tool to only high school students. The instrument has 5 subscales, and I think some of them can be extremely useful, such as the invented and creative reality of science, the changing features of science etc. I think these subscales are very relevant to today's perception of what science is. Though the tools is tested with high school children, I think almost all questions can be used beyond that age-group, e.g. "Through the discussion and debates among scientists, the scientific theories become better" or "Creativity is important for the growth of scientific knowledge". Overall, it can be a useful tool, and the 5-point Likert scale gives a bit more flexibility, than a 4-point would have done. However, I think it would have been more helpful if the instrument were available on your site.