Beliefs about Science and School Science Questionnaire (BASSSQ)

The Beliefs about Science and School Science Questionnaire (BASSSQ) was designed to assess high school science teachers' beliefs about what occurs in science. The first part of the BASSSQ is comprised of two subscales, "Process of Scientific Inquiry" and "Certainty of Scientific Knowledge."

Average Review: 3 (3.8)

by anonymous, Front Range STEM Specialist, Colorado State Univeristy, 4

I am intrigued by the concept of evaluating beliefs about School and School Science. I find this tool to be quite original and I think that the questions are well designed to learn about popular beliefs about science and scientific inquiry. I like the design of the tool. I think that the column selection makes this friendly to the user. I do not currently have a venue for the utilization of this tool, but with the goal of moving more youth towards the STEM pipeline, I could see this tool as a value mechanism in a needs assessment to focus teaching around and correct incorrect perceptions of science.