Assessing Women & Men in Education (AWE) Undergraduate Engineering Mentor Surveys

The pre- and post-activity mentor surveys contain items to measure the impact of the mentoring role on the students' abilities as well as data to measure the effectiveness of the activity.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Front Range STEM Specialist, Colorado State Univeristy, 4

I work with a mentoring program designed for at-risk youth utilizing STEM as a focus for the content of the materials and activities within the programming. This program is conducted in an informal STEM environment, with a combination of out-of-school time and community, family based learning. I believe that this tool would fit very well with the evaluation of the mentor’s experience at one of our sites because it is very straight forward, clear and concise for college students. However, a lot of the mentors in our program are not current college students and I don’t think this method of assessment is designed for them. Still, I think the mentors in our program do gain similar skills and abilities from volunteering as a mentor. I would like to see this tool adapted for STEM professionals volunteering in mentoring programs.