Test of Mathematics Related Attitudes (TOMRA)

This instrument is for measuring the attitudes toward math class of middle school students.

Average Review: 3 (3.0)

by Virginia Nelson, ELL teacher, Chas. F. Tigard Elementary School, 3

The sample items vary widely in accessibility for English learners. Studying ideas that do not harmonize with previous thinking is a very sophisticated endeavor for intermediate grade students. "Mathematics lessons are fun" is, on the other hand, quite accessible. For informal STEM, I would want to select certain items that do not require additional explanation because comprehension comes with language proficiency. In fact, the first sample item is even too sophisticated for average grade five students. As for evaluating one's level of curiosity, again, students need significant maturity, as they do to effectively use a likert scale. While only one of the sample items would provide easy access for language learners, this tool might best serve advanced students who have had extensive training in using a likert scale.