Revised Simpson-Troost Attitude Questionnaire (STAQ-R)

Revised Simpson-Troost Attitude Questionnaire (STAQ-R) is a revised version of the original tool called the Simpson Troost Attitude Questionnaire (STQ), a 58-item Likert type scale created by Simpson and Troost in 1982. For reference, please see Simpson, R. D., & Troost, K. M. (1982). Influences on commitment to and learning of science among adolescent students. Science Education, 66, 763-781.

Average Review: 3 (3.0)

by Mari Federow, researcher, , 3

First I would consider moving identifiers to the end of the test as priming gender may dampen female expression of science enthusiasm. I was a bit surprised that items 13 and 22 were suddenly general after all the specificity of the other questions, this seems like such questions that would measure general persistence or effort rather than science-specific effort and may not be as relevant to the measure. My only other thought is some of the wording does not seem very natural the to the test population. Specifically, on question 9. -- I do not know that "attractive" is a word middle schoolers use about their science classroom -- even if they really enjoy science, 11 also seems problematic for wording -- I would suggest something more like "fun plans". That said the questions do get out the entire social network of the student. Given some of the populations it may be worth considering a question that gets at 1) nonparent adult influences and 2.) children not being raised by their mother or father -- even rewording 16 and 17 to include a guardian figure might help.