Beliefs about Science and School Science Questionnaire (BASSSQ)

The Beliefs about Science and School Science Questionnaire (BASSSQ) was designed to assess high school science teachers' beliefs about what occurs in science. The first part of the BASSSQ is comprised of two subscales, "Process of Scientific Inquiry" and "Certainty of Scientific Knowledge."

Average Review: 3 (3.8)

by anonymous, Graduate Student, Portland State University, 4

On a structural level, the single page presented with questions numbered 1-20 has 4 question numbers followed by an asterisk and 7 question numbers that are underlined. It would be helpful if the purpose of these markings were described or the markings were deleted if not important in this context. On a content level, it seems appropriate that some of the rater's views are probed by two nearly opposing statements (e.g., Q3 and Q6) or by two nearly affirming statements (e.g., Q12 and Q17). This construction should help in establishing reliability in the ratings across all the statements. What would also be interesting to know is how the raters (high school science teachers) would rate their the degree of emphasis in their science instruction for each statement if, for example, the instructions asked the teacher to "indicate how often you emphasize each practice in your science instruction."