Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST)

The Draw-a-Scientist Test is an open-ended projective test that assesses children's conceptual images of scientists. The DAST is evaluated using a 7-point scale based on the presence of the following components in drawing: lab coat, eyeglasses, facial growth of hair, symbols of research, symbols of knowledge, technology & relevant captions.

Average Review: 2 (2.9)

by V. Nelson, teacher, Charles F. Tigard Elementary School, 2

For very young children the lure of science is the "Wow!" feature: Mentos explosions, inflated balloons deflating as they race along a cord, submerging paper crumpled into the bottom of an inverted cup without getting it wet. Thus hooked on science --and it can take months or even years-- students can begin to tackle the real work of rigorous science study. In today's ultra-sensitive PC climate, drawing a scientist even smacks of stereotyping. What would I want to see? A stylish woman in a lab coat? A Black or Latino Isaac Asimov? With limited classroom time, and few informal science education opportunities for the general population, we should focus on the observation of scientific phenomena.