Internet Attitudes Scale (IAS)

Internet Attitude Scale (IAS) is a 40-item Likert-type one-dimensional inventory for measuring attitudes towards the Internet. Furthermore, this inventory was created to measure the Internet users' preferred and perceived specific Internet attributes.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Academic Researcher/Administrator, UC Davis, 4

Overall I think the instrument can be administered quickly and obtain useful informatation concerning the participant's knowledege, use, and comfort level in using the internet. It would be interesting to learn what the internal reliability is with respect to the various items. I do have a couple of suggestions. I think it can be confusing to have a double-barralled negative question. For example, question 31) The Internet does not make me uncomfortable. It also treats the internet as actively, like a person, creating this dicomfort. While I understand the reasoning for having items both negatively and positively valenced I would change the wording of this statement. "The X (what of the internet, use? thought?) of the Internet makes me uncomfortable." For item 30, what is "the" information? I would suggest rephrasing, "Using the Internet to locate information is efficient." Again question 35 does not make me uneasy should be reworded. Finally the audience for this tool will have need to be educated to understand some of the terms, for example, indispensable.