Internet Attitudes Scale (IAS)

Internet Attitude Scale (IAS) is a 40-item Likert-type one-dimensional inventory for measuring attitudes towards the Internet. Furthermore, this inventory was created to measure the Internet users' preferred and perceived specific Internet attributes.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by anonymous, Doctoral Student, Seattle University, 5

The Internet Attitude Scale from the Internet Attitude Survey offers an excellent look into the feelings of the respondents regarding their interaction with the web, websites, and web applications. We take for granted that everyone is enamored with the web when, in fact, how can we be sure. This survey offers a way to understand if persons agree or disagree with feelings brought about by internet usage and interaction with web content. We need more emotional clarity on what the Internet represents to us and how we feel about it. This survey is a step in that direction and its results are helpful for creators of web sites to better relate to their users. Right now most user interfaces are forced upon us without regard for what we may be feeling about the experience of said sites.