Classroom Activities and Outcomes Survey

This is part three of the four part "Classroom Activities and Outcomes Survey." The survey asks students to rate the progress they have made in science process skills as a result of completing a particular course or program.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

by anonymous, Doctoral Student, Seattle University, 4

The 'Classroom Activities and Outcomes Survey' is useful in that it offers the ability to extract what was 'taken away' during the quarter/semester. So many class reviews are simply instructor reviews that students rubber stamp and take no time to truly consider. The outcomes survey is written in a better way that those end-of-quarter surveys I'm used to because it's written in a way that directs me to disclose what benefits I took from the class, not simply did I get a benefit or not. I have one suggestion for improving the survey and that is to have one question that is open and allows for adding any additional information or comments.