Children's Science Curiosity Scale (CSCS)

Measures elementary school children's attitudes towards science in a learning context.

Average Review: 3 (3.7)

by anonymous, Senior Director, Exhibits, Orlando Science Center, 4

While the majority of the questions about general science were effective ones, a few, such as #'s 7, 10 and 21 asked about feelings for experiences I doubt the student would have had the chance to experience e.g. ' I think its boring to talk to a scientist about his job'-if they have never met a scientist, their answer would be determined by their preconceived idea of what they think a conversation might be like. And #28 was worded badly and frankly I don't know what the purpose of such a question is. For the second section about feelings about physics, the survey should have started with some kind of question that establishes what the 5th grader thinks physics is all about-his preconconceived notion about 'physics' will then put all his subsequent responses into perspective.