Relevance of Science Education (ROSE) Student Questionnaire

Assesses children's interest in, attitude towards, and experiences in science and technology, as well as their opinion about environmental challenges and career aspirations.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

by K Dabney, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Virginia, 3

This questionnaire examines students' interests, self-efficacy, and self-reported understanding of topics in science on 10 different subscales. ROSE is a lengthy instrument with over 250 questions, the majority being multiple choice. This questionnaire currently lists an administration time of 45 minutes, yet that would be a surprising response time for students given the length of the questionnaire. The strength of this instrument lies in its ability to measure a very broad range of student interests, experiences, knowledge, and career choice in school based science. This tool would not be as advantageous in regard to measuring the effect or association of specific informal science based programs. However, it could be used as an entrance tool to such informal science programs in order to examine what science experiences and beliefs students already hold.