Revised Women in Science Scale (WISS-R)

Women in Science Scale-Revised (WISS-R) is a revised version of the original tool - Women in Science Scale (WISS), a 27-item Likert type scale created by Erb & Smith in 1984. For reference, please see Erb, T. O., & Smith, W. S. (1984). Validation of the attitude toward women in science scale for early adolescents. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 21, 391-397.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

by anonymous, Youth Deveopment Advisor, University of California, 2

While I found the content of the survey to be very interesting and in some ways provocative, I wonder how ethnicity factors into how students respond. I would be concerned about using this tool with students of multiple cultures, as the questions could be perceived as being insensitive.