Revised Women in Science Scale (WISS-R)

Women in Science Scale-Revised (WISS-R) is a revised version of the original tool - Women in Science Scale (WISS), a 27-item Likert type scale created by Erb & Smith in 1984. For reference, please see Erb, T. O., & Smith, W. S. (1984). Validation of the attitude toward women in science scale for early adolescents. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 21, 391-397.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

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The the language and length of the tool make it accessible to students of all ages. I particularly like how some of the questions are reverse-scored which allows the person/people administering the WISS-R to identify students who report contradictory sentiments. This tool could be used to track changes in student beliefs about women in science by age, to compare male and female students' beliefs about women in science and to identify changes in beliefs about women in science in response to certain programs (when used as a pre and post survey tool).