Scientific Attitude Inventory: A Revision (SAI II)

Assesses students interest in science, their attitudes toward science, their views of scientists, and their desire to become scientists.

Average Review: 4 (4.0)

by Isaiah Sommers, , , 4

The SAI II is an effective tool for evaluating the attitudes of and interest in science in a fairly large age group. Questions are worded clearly enough for 6th graders, yet still encompass complex enough ideas to make a 12th grader stop and think. The strongest questions focus around the student's thoughts on the practice of science, scientific thinking, and the applicability of scientific research. There are questions that gauge a student's perceptions of the life of a scientist, but these mainly focus on the scientific mindset and not necessarily scientific activities. This somewhat confounds knowing really if and why a child wants to be a scientist, because they don't exhibit as much knowledge of what a scientist actually does. That said, this is a very strong measure of a student's opinions on the usefulness, applications of science and how much it holds their interest.