Revised Women in Science Scale (WISS-R)

Women in Science Scale-Revised (WISS-R) is a revised version of the original tool - Women in Science Scale (WISS), a 27-item Likert type scale created by Erb & Smith in 1984. For reference, please see Erb, T. O., & Smith, W. S. (1984). Validation of the attitude toward women in science scale for early adolescents. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 21, 391-397.

Average Review: 3 (3.3)

by anonymous, Armenia Country Director , Project Harmony - U.S. NGO, 4

I think this is a great instrument to explore youth approaches/tendencies towards women in science. I like its simplicity and user-friendly character. The sample statements are very clear. The timing of the questionnaire is just very precise. The limited timing requires to record either immediately generated, honest reaction or well-known long-time established response. Gender inequality is becoming a hot topic in my country, so I would love to use this tool in our beneficiary schools to understand the dispositions of youth towards women in science.